Customer Reviews

We strive to make sure your wedding day or event is the best it can be.


Chris & Courtney

I’m not going to sit here and insult these Gods of party by saying their services are a great “bang for your buck.” It was something more than that… A nuclear explosion for my buck. With the perfect mixture of hype and masterful mixing prowess, they brought our wedding together in a way that I am quite sure some regular guy off of Craigslist with a cheap suit, bad hair, radio DJ voice and a creepy mustache could not. Not only were they excellent to work with beforehand while planning, but they offered the experience and suggestions that helped to set our wedding apart from the lame events that you dread going to. They keep the dance floor packed and the party lively. In my opinion, I’d be damn near divorced already if I didn’t have the memories they created to look back on and I wasn’t so damned afraid they would be disappointed in me … Obviously that is tongue in cheek, but I certainly haven’t seen any proof yet that the divorce rate wouldn’t be lower if everyone had the Smith brothers DJ their wedding. In all seriousness, these guys are not only going to exceed all expectations you have for what you think a typical wedding DJ does, but they are a breath of fresh air to work with when you are dealing with the God awful process of planning a wedding. Do yourself a favor and hire them for these kind of services because it won’t be long before they’re selling out concert halls and you’re stuck with a guy that looks like he just got done washing off the creepy clown paint from the kids birthday party he just worked. They’re on another level, treat yourself.


Ryan & Liz

I cannot recommend Shawn and Ryan enough as wedding DJ’s! They did an amazing job with our wedding in 2015 at Buffalo Trace Distillery and were super helpful with everything. They even helped set up the speakers/mics for our ceremony which was outside the reception venue, which they definitely did not have to do.
Their music choices at the reception were great and fit our tastes perfectly. They also stayed true to my “Play” and “Don’t Play” list I gave them, which I appreciated! Shawn was a great “emcee” and everything went very smoothly between the intro’s, speeches, parent dances, cake cutting, etc.
I have had so many people tell me about how much fun they had at our reception, and I know it is because of the party that Ryan and Shawn put on for us. In fact my best friend got married one year later and he used them for his reception because of the great job they did at my wedding. That wedding was a blast too, of course.

Party Stage is the best. Thank you guys!


Heather & Kyle

I have been a part of A LOT of weddings over the years. I’ve seen countless ceremonies and receptions, and all the hard work that goes into planning them and making sure everything is perfect. On November 13, 2015 it was finally my day to have my dream wedding. Of course with being around so many weddings in the past, I had good knowledge as to exactly what would make my day perfect. With that being said, The Party Stage DJs are hands down the company to go with. I could not imagine having anyone else for our wedding. They were not only talented and energetic, but very well organized and professional. With Ryan on the music and Shawn as your MC, you can’t go wrong. They made what could very well have been a stressful day, seamless and so much fun! They took care of every aspect of sound and music we needed. They provided cordless mics for our officiant, best men, and maid of honor to give speeches as well. They also played all ceremony music in addition to the entire reception and dinner, not to mention their equipment is top notch and very aesthetically pleasing. They offered up-lighting and a light up DJ booth that really created a beautiful look to our venue, matching our wedding colors. Once the dance floor was open, our guests never left! We received so many compliments on how fun our wedding was. These guys know how to keep a party going, and truly provide an amazing experience for everyone involved. My husband and I would highly recommend Shawn and Ryan to anyone and everyone planning a wedding or event.


Caitlin & Chris

The Party Stage Co DJed our wedding. They were amazing!!!!! They had people up dancing and enjoying themselves through the whole reception. They were professional and organized. I could not have asked for better. My wedding guests are still talking about how much fun it was. They truly made our wedding special. If you are looking for DJs or photo booths USE THEM. They are awesome. Thank you Party Stage!!


Brad & Stephanie

We used The Party Stage at our wedding and it was huge hit. Guests of all ages were lined up all night long. It was fun for kids as well as those who don’t really like to dance. There was an abundant amount of photos taken which resulted in many laughs while going through all of them. We have been to multiple weddings since that have used The Party Stage and it is always a blast. These guys know how to have a good time and also make sure everyone around them is having a great time too! Book them, you won’t be disappointed!


Aleah & Daniel

The Party Stage was a wonderful addition to our wedding reception. We found these brilliant guys when in attendance of another family member’s wedding and were so enthralled by their energy that we knew we had to have them when it was our turn. Shawn and Ryan were so incredibly professional but were also able to create an atmosphere of laughter and fun; this was made obvious by the quality of entertainment noted in our photo booth images. Our guests absolutely loved the props and the ease of jumping in the booth and striking a pose.The quality of photos we have from The Party Stage is unmatched by any other photo booth I have seen. Even our wedding photographers jumped in the booth and had a ton of fun! I don’t think there is anything comparable to the quality of the photographs we have of our wedding in this photobooth. The Smith brothers were easy to work with, affordable and provided quality pictures we will be smiling at for years to come. Also our photos were uploaded within days after the wedding! We were laughing at moments we didn’t get to witness at the reception during the whole honeymoon. I can’t imagine being any happier with any other photobooth vendor, in my opinion there isn’t anything comparable.


Eric & Charla

The Party Stage was the perfect addition to our wedding reception. Shawn and Ryan were so energetic and professional and created a fun atmosphere for all of our guest. We will forever enjoy the amazing photos they captured.


Jessica & Michael

I went to a friends wedding and that’s when i experienced the party stage for the first time. After all the fun we had my wife and I knew we had to have it at our wedding. The regular photo booths are fun but nothing compares to the party stage. The thing I enjoyed the most is that there was no waiting line and you could throw on some props, jump in, act stupid, and laugh about it. The guys that run the stage definitely know how to get the party going and get people moving. Why waste so much money on a photo booth for a strip of 4 2X2 inch photos when you can jump in the party stage and take as many as you want and have fun all night long. Having the high res images online is a great way to show your friends and family how much fun you had via Facebook, twitter, whatever… not to mention you can order the actual prints right from their website. Even if you’re not having a wedding, the guys at party stage will take your event to a whole new level of awesomeness. Thanks PARTY STAGE for making our wedding so much fun!!!

Bradley Fox

As an individual that has been to and a part of many weddings over the past 10 years, I can honestly say that the Party Stage is an amazing addition to any wedding. They provide a new and fresher look to the those moments that you want to look back on and enjoy. The high quality equipment they provide and their top notch editing software has provided some of the most memorable pictures that I have ever been a part of. I would not only recommend them for weddings, but any sort of get together that is looking for a fun and positive energy to create moments you will never forget. The Party Stage is the only option I would recommend.

Nikki Kupper

I have been to several weddings and parties that have had the The Party Stage and everyone has had so much fun with it. People are tentative to get the ball rolling then suddenly a line forms and the rest of the evening the booth is filled with people getting pictures. I cannot think of a better way to entertain guests. Then later when you see all the picture from the event it’s pure comedy. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with The Party Stage.